Quit Smoking at EMU!

If you’ve been on campus this summer, you have probably walked by one of these signs over the last month or two. Well, today is the day:  EMU is going Tobacco Free. I have two general thoughts about all this.

First, as a former smoker who gave it up over twenty years ago, I have gotten to the point where I now pretty much hate any whiff of cigarettes or cigars or whatever, so I am all for this ban. If anything, it seems to me like this tobacco ban should have been in place a long time ago. Just as points of comparison: U of M has been smoke-free since 2011, and Washtenaw Community College banned tobacco in 2005.

Second, we will see how this transition and the enforcement of this policy works out. I look forward to not having to walk through a cloud of smoke outside of Pray-Harrold Hall, but I think it will take a little time to really convince smokers that they aren’t supposed to be smoking there. And I’m not so sure EMU is ever really going to be able to ban smoking in parking lots and the like.

2 thoughts on “Quit Smoking at EMU!

  1. To be fair, we were on track to have it long before UM did, but the whole murder cover-up scandal thing happened and the university president who was on board making this policy happen was axed. The school never really stabilized from major changes and problems until recently, so this issue went away until now.


  2. This is great news, even if it just moves the goalposts a bit for where smokers feel entitled to smoke. I distinctly remember walking into the Student Center one winter day and a smoker was huddled next to the door in violation of the 25 foot policy. I gave this person a dirty look because the policy was in place to keep people from having to walk through a cloud of smoke to get to and from classes and such. (And side note: what even is the point of a smoker smoking next to the door? It’s not like it’s warmer, you’re still outside. Anyway, I digress.) This smoker saw my dirty look, sucked down the biggest lungful of smoke his battered lungs could handle and blew this HUGE cloud of smoke all over me.

    I hate grouping people together, but in my experience people who smoked on campus were the most inconsiderate jerks. I don’t think that this ban will do much, but at least I think it gives the bolder people on campus a more legitimate basis on which to tell a smoker posted up right outside a door to take a hike.


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