A little EMUTalk.org news and reflection

First off, you might have noticed a change in the header images for the site. There were a couple of days where they were pretty messed up, and now they are limited to three of my favorite and/or readily available images on my computer. This is because of something I tried to do with the wordpress install that didn’t work, and I ended up erasing a bunch of stuff I shouldn’t have erased. Oh well. But I’m not going to work too hard at restoring some of those images because the end is near for EMUTalk.org anyway.

Second, I took a moment to glance through the archives of the site, and if you are a fan of EMUTalk.org from the old days, I’d encourage you to do the same. For example, June 2007 was when stuff about the Dickinson murder was back in the news following an investigation that showed that EMU’s top administrators at the time handled things quite poorly. It’s interesting to look back to see where we were versus where we are, right?