A couple of Yiks and/or Yaks

Summer is always the slow season around EMUTalk, and in that sense, there’s not a whole lot different in this last season of the blog. No news is, well, no news. But I did come across a couple of kind of interesting articles on Yik Yak I thought I’d post.

Feminists United plans to announce at a news conference Thursday that it has filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education alleging that members were threatened with sexual assault and death and were cyber-stalked after speaking out in campus debates about Greek life and against a lewd chant by the rugby team this year, said attorney Lisa Banks.

Authorities say that Grace Rebecca Mann, a 20-year-old from McLean, Va., who served on United’s board, was slain April 17 by a roommate. Steven Vander Briel was charged with first-degree murder and abduction. Police have not commented on an alleged motive.

Banks and United members said they have no evidence that Mann’s activism or the threats on Yik Yak were related to her slaying. But they said a flood of more than 700 messages — some of which targeted members by name — left them feeling afraid. They said school officials did nothing to stop the threats despite repeated requests throughout the year.

So, what I mean by it being “two stories” is it seems like there is an issue of the women who are in this group being harassed via Yik Yak and one of their members was killed by her roommate for some reason, probably not related to Yik Yak though.

One thought on “A couple of Yiks and/or Yaks

  1. A decade ago, I concluded that test taking was generally a dumb idea as a measure of learning and have steadfastly moved away ever since. At this stage, tests never account for more than 25% of the grade in any class I design.

    Now on to yik yak, in my experience, it has several different faces. One is for passing commentary on shared events, and as such, it’s kind of interesting. Another seems to be for flirting, sometimes in a quite forward fashion. The third is for plain lewd and crude comments. Together, these three account for all of my, admittedly furtive, experience with the medium.

    I can see how the attacks I read about could stem from lewd and crude comments carried way too far. I like the idea of proactive strategies to stem this sort of discourse. In other words, I think it helps for people to speak up and say that certain things are just inappropriate and must stop.

    I’m not sure how you would foment murder on yik yak as it is anonymous, but I do see how you could undertake a hate campaign cloaked in a vale of anonymity.


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