“EMU student wears ‘Black Lives Matter’ t-shirt over gown at graduation”

From mLive comes “EMU student wears ‘Black Lives Matter’ t-shirt over gown at graduation.” It’s a story about how a graduating senior named Kenneth Hill pulled on a “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt right before he crossed the stage at commencement.

I thought I’d share it here for two reasons. First, congratulations to all the graduating students! The article features lots and lots of other pictures from commencement, so you can go and check that out. Second, the comments on this story– there are over 900 of them right now– are pretty damn crazy, if you ask me. Or at least there are more than few pretty racist and otherwise cranky comments there.

One thought on ““EMU student wears ‘Black Lives Matter’ t-shirt over gown at graduation”

  1. Quoted from the story:
    Eastern Michigan officials said they didn’t have a problem with the shirt and that it’s not out of the ordinary for students to express personal messages during graduation.

    “As you can see at nearly all graduation ceremonies, students express themselves in a variety of ways – whether it be through their caps, sashes, shoes or dress,” EMU spokesman Geoff Larcom said.

    EMU’s commencement page states in the pre-procession checklist, “Make sure to be in academic dress and in line before the processional begins.” And, in the procession checklist, “You’ll line up in your academic dress in the lower level of the Convocation Center.”

    T-shirts are now acceptable part of academic dress? Can someone walk through the ceremony nude as a way to express themselves personally?


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