“Board of Regents to Hold Special Meeting”

I don’t usually look at the “EMU Today” page, but I did this morning and I saw this interesting little announcement:

BOARD OF REGENTS TO HOLD SPECIAL BOARD MEETING: The EMU Board of Regents will hold a special board meeting today, Apr. 9, at 3 p.m. in room 201, Welch Hall. The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call Attendance
  • Chairman’s Comments
  • Section 1: Recommendation to appoint an Interim President
  • Section 2: Recommendation to establish a Presidential Search Committee and a¬†Presidential Search Advisory Committee
  • Adjournment

There has been some conversation here and I’ve chatted with others lately about when we’re likely to welcome a new president to EMU. As we discussed earlier, there was a little confusion (at least for me there was) about the BoR’s plans for when they want to get a new president in place because pretty much everyone I’ve talked with agrees that getting a new president by the start of the 2015/16 school year (that is, this fall) would be pretty much impossible. So maybe this meeting is going to clarify that.

8 thoughts on ““Board of Regents to Hold Special Meeting”

  1. I nominate Geoff Larcom; he’s loved by the students, is an institutional icon, and recently won vs Squirrels in the EMU March Madness bracket competition.


  2. I don’t know that Geoff should have beaten out squirrels, but he certainly has sharper public relations skills and is less likely to embarrass the school by stealing students’ granola bars outside Eastern Eateries.


  3. I feel/hope that Schatzel will be made president permanently. I got the feeling when Martin brought her in they were not only a good team, but she was also setting up for a good transition. I think this transition from Martin to Schatzel would be a good one to continue the progress that’s been made under Martin’s leadership. The only other thing I hope for is that the Regents don’t undermine Schatzel as they did Martin. But we all know this is a governor-appointed board so who knows? But think about it – the entire campus is familiar with Schatzel so it makes sense she could be made permanent in a short amount of time. Anyway, I think Martin did a great job considering what she came in to and what she had to put up with, and Schatzel will also, even if it’s only on an interim basis.


  4. Key is that Schatzel is embedded in the community. She actually has enough of her own local base to be a force to be reckoned with. That said, board management is a challenge for any executive. My personal sense of Snyder’s appointments is that they have more of a pragmatic bent, though they are probably suffering under some delusions of how fast they can move.

    Summary, Schatzel is strong enough to be effective as president. The position will still be challenging.


  5. Having worked with both on some pretty tight and controversial issues I can say–you won’t find a better person than Provost Schatzel to fill the interim position. She is skilled and savvy. The only problem I see–which is the same struggle that Susan Martin had-is being micromanaged by the BOR. I will say this Provost Schatzel has done an excellent job navigating the waves–and EMU is a much better place–I think that is because Provost Schatzel, AAUP President Susan Moeller and EMU President Martin formed a good relationship and common goals.


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