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I’m getting ready to get out of town for a conference that has to do with my day job, but I thought I’d share some links and such about the most recent Board of Regents meeting, which took place yesterday, and which I assume featured green beer (though I haven’t seen that reported anywhere).

First off, here’s a link to the official word of the meeting from the EMU web site. Among other things, the BoR approved money for health-related programs that are going to be housed in the refurbished Rackham Hall, and they approved some money to expand the Honors College.

But it sounds like the big drama at the meeting was about the EAA. mLive reported “EMU regents shut down again as EAA protesters disrupt meeting,” which featured a die-in from students. There’s video on the site.

I also received an email from Steve Wellinski, the professor in Education at EMU who has been leading the charge against the EAA, which included a number of documents. He said that he wasn’t able to make it to the meeting to give his statement, but here it is:

President Martin, Provost Schatzel, and EMU Community . . . I did not come here to praise the Regents’ for their actions on December 5th. Nor, did I come here to bury/embarrass the Regents.   The Regents are ‘honorable’ appointees.   Let us not forget that they offered a noble reason for continuing with the inter-local agreement that established the EAA: “to help those kids in Detroit.”

A. The Governor’s action last week illuminates the problems of Detroit as political NOT As such, the Regents with political loyalties chose to ignore the multiple educational options in favor of their political agreement. As the Regents are ‘honorable’ appointees, this must be the right path for those kids of Detroit.

B. It is convenient to have 2 honorable appointees simultaneously serving on the EAA Board. Yes, their unwillingness to investigate hindered FOIA requests or disregard potential EMU-EAA partnership opportunities — criteria outlined in their December 5th resolution — might be viewed as a compromised allegiance. Regents Morris and Treder-Lange are honorable appointees dutifully serving their board . . . which one?!?

C. Regent Stapleton claims that EMU faculty did not “hold an open mind to {their} agreement.” Regent Stapleton is an ‘honorable’ appointee and if he judged my mind as not open during my efforts to create practicum proposals for his EAA partners, it must be so . . .

D. Regent Webb defines the teachers who speak-out against his agreement as “bullies.” Regent Webb is an ‘honorable’ appointee and if he characterizes these teachers who have been committed to our EMU students without any university acknowledgement or compensation (not even a tuition discount) as “bullies,” it must be so . . .

E. Regent Morris recently declared the EAA’s reclamation “as impressive and well-thought out.” His efforts as Chairman and CEO of American Electric Power (AEP) “laying off thousands of workers, while collecting massive profits and bilking the taxpayers out of hundreds of millions” certainly establishes his credibility to make such a declaration. Regent Morris is an ‘honorable’ appointee and if he is impressed . . .

F. Regent Stapleton has recently voiced long-standing reservations about this agreement in part because he understands that Black Lives Matter. Yes, his concerns were lost in the celebratory fist-bump during the press conference introducing the EAA. But, his October email warning us of the Snyder Endorsement from the owners’ of The Chronicle as “the worst kind of African American . . . that have gotten theirs and care little about anyone else.” This certainly shows efforts to safeguard his community. Regent Stapleton is an ’honorable’ appointee and if believes that the EAA is good for the Black Community, it must be so . . .

G. EAA Chancellor Conforme is honorable as well . . . And, if she declares that “three years into this, achievement hasn’t moved,” it must be so . . .

Yes, the Regents are ‘honorable’ appointees!

2 thoughts on “BoR and EAA news

  1. Thank you, Sitedad for sharing AND all your efforts!!! Let me provide a note of clarification ~ I was actually at the meeting. Unfortunately, on my way to campus, I received news that had my focus with my family . . . mentally, I was preoccupied.

    Besides, my impotent rhetoric would have simply gotten in the way of the amazing and powerful efforts of those young advocates . . . maybe this “university” is no dead yet?!?

    Please know that I am still going to fight against the EAA (on campus and across the state). But, I am just as concerned at how/why this political agreement was brought to our community. It seems like I am in the minority believing that we should not be cuddling up to the board of rejects for their misdeed.


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