“Charges flew after IU-Kokomo chancellor’s (former EMU Associate Provost Michael Harris) sudden exit

It’s kind of interesting/ironic/something that the day after I announce that I’m going to start phasing out EMUTalk in large part because I’ve been doing this more than long enough that I receive this tip from an alert EMUTalk reader about an administrator from that distant past. From the Indianapolis Business Journal web site comes “Charges flew after IU-Kokomo chancellor’s sudden exit.” The chancellor with the “sudden exit” was none other than former EMU administrator Michael Harris, who was a bit of a lightening rod when he was here way back when.

7 thoughts on ““Charges flew after IU-Kokomo chancellor’s (former EMU Associate Provost Michael Harris) sudden exit

  1. Poor little guy. What a run of bad luck. Why he keeps taking jobs at places that consider him a pretentious, ruthlessly ambitious, bombastic, egotistical sociopath with more than a few XY-chromosome-related compensation issues is beyond me. Perhaps it’s his decision-making skills…


  2. I didn’t realize it when I first posted this, but this article is actually a couple years old, from back in 2013. What’s happened with him since? Anyone know?


  3. While this post is literally old news, Michael Harris as a topic clearly provokes strong feelings at EMU, as the comments by Holly Smith and my friend Aginghippie show. I do not dispute or argue with anybody’s view of Michael Harris, but I do urge people to recall what Michael did that was positive for EMU. He was the first Provost office official who urged that student success in academics be measured and be made the focus of the University. He refused to bow down and publicly proclaim the lie that President Kirkpatrick’s $6 million University House was worthwhile (while other officials who did utter such lies were rewarded with promotions). He complained of inept management of the University’s physical plant, enrollment services, and the public relations operation. He pointed out the truth that EMU athletics were a great fiscal drain on the educational wing of the university.

    Michael Harris and I joined the EMU faculty the same year, 1994. He rose to interim provost by being pushy, but also by being able to focus on the strategic needs of the university — at a time when nobody at the top, or on the Board, had a clue. Yes, Michael was at times too crafty, and proud and arrogant. He made enemies, sometimes needlessly, sometimes because that was the price for suggesting things be done differently than before.

    Harris got a lot done at EMU, and had no patience with apologists for a status quo of mediocrity.


  4. This is old news and I left EMU over 10 years ago!

    While on campus, I worked as hard as I possibly could to enhance academic excellence, and student success.

    My record and content stands to be judged.

    However, I reject categorically anonymous personal attacks and derogatory comments! They hurt my family for no reason.

    I will always feel part of the EMU community and am thankful for my 10 years on campus and the many life time friends I have.


    Michael Harris
    p.s. pls see web page if you want the true story


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