“Study says many Michigan charter authorizers succeeding but poor performers have more schools”

A loyal EMUTalk.org reader just sent me this link in mLive: “Study says many Michigan charter authorizers succeeding but poor performers have more schools.”  This is a story about a report about how there is a relationship between the number of charter schools being authorized by an institution and how well those charter schools are doing. Go read it and you’ll see what I mean. But here’s the quote that really stands out (and not in a good way):

While the majority of the authorizers in the study got an A or B grade, the majority of the students who attend charter schools in the state don’t attend schools chartered by those authorizers.

Central Michigan University received a C grade, while Oakland University, Detroit Public Schools and Saginaw Valley State University all received D grades.

Eastern Michigan University and Northern Michigan University both received F grades. Northern received zero points for improving chronically failing schools and just 14 points for setting standards for current schools.

“Student performance at the schools authorized by one of our ‘F’ authorizers, Eastern Michigan University, borders on criminal,” the report states. “All nine schools ranked by the state were in the bottom third of all schools statewide. All but one school was ranked among the bottom 25 percent of schools in the state.

Most of the authorizer’s schools demonstrated low student improvement, with eight of nine schools showing significantly worse improvement in elementary math than the average Michigan school.”