And a few bits of EAA news

Also during the break, there were a few bits of EAA news, both from friend of the site/fellow EMU faculty member Steve Wellinski:

First, I was forwarded by Wellinski an email that he sent to the regents, which also contains some useful links about the EAA. Let me quote from that here:

Attached is an analysis of the effectiveness of Michigan’s  Educational Achievement Authority authored by Michigan State University’s Mary Mason and David Arsen (Hopefully, you are aware of Arsen’s respected expertise in this field).   Mason and Arsen unequivocally confirm the facts that your own experts (the faculty) have been sharing with you — This is NOT a debate between educational models as the EAA has nothing to do with education (TEACHING and LEARNING).

Now, I do know there are those who refuse to read long factual accounts.  So, I am sharing a link to respected educator, Bill Boyle’s summary of the poignant parts of the report.

The even shorter version of the report about the EAA and the analysis of the report: The EAA sucks. The indirect message is EMU shouldn’t have anything to do with it.

Wellinski also forwarded me an email about an ongoing FOIA request by Tom Pedroni, who is a professor at Wayne State. One of the interesting twists there with this ongoing request (apparently, it’s been in the works now for like eight months) is part of the specifically cited responsiveness to FOIA requests as part of the things that need to change with the EAA for EMU to stay a part of it all. Of course, just because the regents said that doesn’t mean that they actually mean that.