Hey Mr. President– how about giving Ypsi some love?

The Ann Arbor News/mLive is awash in news about President Obama’s three hour (or so) visit to Ann Arbor/University of Michigan today. (Note to self: probably best to stay out of Ann Arbor/U of M today).

That’s all fine and good and I support the basic cause here, to bring some sunshine to raising the minimum wage, but wouldn’t it be nice if Obama stopped off in a place like Ypsilanti where there are a ton more people actually trying to make ends meet working jobs (usually multiple jobs) where they’re getting paid the minimum wage? Wouldn’t it be nice if he visited a campus like EMU, where a large percentage of students really are working their asses off at crappy minimum wage jobs to put themselves through school, rather than one where somewhere north of 27% of the students come from families that have yearly income of $200K or more?

Just sayin’.


4 thoughts on “Hey Mr. President– how about giving Ypsi some love?

  1. Preach. I’m sure there are some students barely getting by at UofM on minimum wage, but it’s definitely not the institution I would have picked. They could have had this at the Convo and it would be full. I know EMU doesn’t get to pick if the President comes, but I feel like maybe a little lobbying wouldn’t hurt.


  2. You are absolutely right. I think people should be outraged. He’s a phony and a poseur. I think he’s only at UM so that he can meet the basketball players and talk about the Final 4.


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