“AAUP Election Results Reflect Backlash Against Recent Leadership Decisions”

From The Chronicle comes “AAUP Election Results Reflect Backlash Against Recent Leadership Decisions.”  I have to say that I don’t follow the national politics of the AAUP that closely, so I’m not completely sure what this is about.  But I think this is passage mostly sums it up

The slate of candidates who won had adopted a platform arguing that “the single most effective way to protect academic freedom and shared governance is through collective bargaining” and that the association’s top priority must be organizing, through the formation of union chapters where collective bargaining is allowed and advocacy chapters elsewhere.

Among its campaign promises, it pledged to expand the role of the organization’s national council, which votes on the recommendations of the executive committee, and to change the AAUP’s constitution “so that committees are not solely appointed by the president.”

But I could be wrong.  Any EMU-AAUP-types out there want to comment?