Yikes! This sounds scary!

From the EMU Department of Public Safety comes this:

Eastern Michigan University Police are reporting and investigating a felonious domestic assault that occurred on campus at approximately 4 a.m. this morning at the Westview Apartments. The victim, who is an EMU Student, reports being held at gunpoint and threatened by a known acquaintance and being forcibly removed from her home. The suspect demanded the victim leave her home, and ride with him at gunpoint. The victim reports that she was later dropped off at her apartment on campus, where the suspect fled in a Yellow Ford Escape with a Michigan license plate of CFH3469.

Darnell Dwayne Garris is a person of interest in this investigation. Mr. Garris is not an EMU student, and is described as an African American male, dark skin complexion, 6’0”, 150 lbs, black hair, and brown eyes.  Mr. Garris is believed to be headed toward Detroit.

If anyone comes into contact with Darnell Dwayne Garris, you are encouraged to report any information to EMU Police Department at (734) 487-1222.

There are no physical injuries to the victim.

It sounds like a domestic violence sort of thing– that is, I don’t get the impression that Mr. Garris is breaking into random apartments.  Still, scary stuff.


11 thoughts on “Yikes! This sounds scary!

    • Most likely the event happened, without anyone even knowing, and was reported to the Police after the aggressor left the scene. I’m just assuming. Therefore, you catch him later. He’ll probably be caught within a week.


  1. Another example of over-reporting in the wake of the Cleary Act fines….only because it involved an EMU student, otherwise nobody would have heard of this, and this kind of thing happens all the time in Ypsilanti.


    • If it is what I think it is– an extremely bad break-up gone even worse when the dude decided to show up with a gun– then I think it’s fair to say that a version of this happens all over the place and not just in Ypsi. Still pretty scary stuff though, if you ask me.


  2. I DO think this sort of Cleary Act reporting is relevant. Any time a student is abducted at gunpoint in the middle of the night from their campus apartment, I think we all have a legitimate interest in being alerted. The fact that it may have been “bad break up” juju or that (sadly) is not terribly uncommon, doesn’t make it any less an act of extreme violence that the whole community should be concerned about.

    And maybe we also ought to be questioning why it is that this kind of violence happens “all the time,” in Ypsi or anywhere? What does this suggest about our social views of gender, relationships, and violence?


  3. Licorice

    You have a very big bleeding heart obviously so please, continue to ask “why it is that this kind of violence happens “all the time,” in Ypsi or anywhere? What does this suggest about our social views of gender, relationships, and violence?” and when you get the answers to these easy questions, please post them here.


  4. Oh, perhaps you are ok with the notion of people being abducted from their homes at gun point in the middle of the night? Fine, I hope you have that experience then. And I hope you’re as lucky as this individual apparently was, to survive the experience unharmed.

    Sadly, many victims of domestic violence are not that lucky and personally, I don’t find that to be ok.


  5. This just in on this incident:

    Update to Timely Warning 12-10, April 17, 2012

    The Eastern Michigan University Police Department has arrested the suspect involved in the felonious domestic assault at Westview Apartments that occurred on Tuesday, April 17, 2012.

    The suspect, who is identified as the victim’s husband, turned himself into Eastern Michigan University Police Department and is currently being held at the Washtenaw County Jail, where he is awaiting arraignment. The Westview Apartments are located off Huron River Drive, adjacent to the EMU athletic campus.


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