Power Interruption

This just in from Geoff “Geoff” Larcom:

This morning, at approximately 6:53 a.m., the entire EMU campus experienced a power interruption. Loops 2, 3 and 4, which affect much of campus, have had power restored. Loop 1 is still without power. The buildings affected include Rackham, Hover, King, Ford, Pierce, Strong, Welch, McKenny and Boone halls.

Physical Plant staff is working to restore power on Loop 1 at this time. Plant staff us also working on re-energizing the boilers at the Heating Plant.

The cause appears to have been an Edison power feed interruption, and Physical Plant is working with Edison to further determine the cause while restoring power to the remaining buildings.

We will send further information and updates as soon as they become available.


One thought on “Power Interruption

  1. BTW, just in the time I’ve posted this, there have been two campus-wide updates. Power has been restored, though there might be some issues with the internets and phones and the like that take a bit to get sorted out. No big deal though.


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