Wow, sitedad wins! sitedad wins!

Well, I wasn’t expecting this:  yours truly has come out on top of the annual NCAA Tourney picks.  The secret of my success?  I bizarrely and almost randomly picked the final game of Kentucky and Kansas.  And interestingly, four out of five of us (there were only five of us in the pool this year) picked 41 games correctly.  I guess that’s why it is all about picking the right games.

And once again, congratulations to EMU’s women’s team for making the tournament.  It would have been nice if they had made it further than just being there for that one game, but it looks like that tourney was all about Baylor.


2 thoughts on “Wow, sitedad wins! sitedad wins!

  1. Many congratulations, sitedad!

    Speaking of basketball results — who else saw the news that college basketball attendance is sharply down in the NCAA? Increasingly it seems that b-ball fans prefer watching really good competitive matches on TV over watching the local game in person. This trend makes it all the more unlikely for a school that already has a minimal fan base and huge subsidies from academic revenue to athletic costs can hope to overcome the red ink and turn the spending on the sport into an asset for the school overall.


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