“U-M, EMU to ‘Go Blue’ Monday for World Autism Awareness Day”

Just in case you are wondering tonight what’s the deal with the blue Tower: from annarbor.com comes “U-M, EMU to ‘Go Blue’ Monday for World Autism Awareness Day.”  Here’s the EMU part of the story:

 Eastern Michigan University will also be recognizing World Autism Awareness Day by lighting the iconic Ypsilanti water tower in blue from dusk to midnight. Members of the community are encouraged to wear blue and can stop by EMU’s student center for a free blue key chain and flashlight from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday.

I’m surprised there isn’t more in this article about the study of autism center at EMU….


2 thoughts on ““U-M, EMU to ‘Go Blue’ Monday for World Autism Awareness Day”

  1. At the risk of offending everyone who supports a good cause, I find the use of “colors” for causes to be very lazy and somewhat passe’.

    Breast cancer adopted pink and what a great job they did using the color to brand their cause. When you see pink you automatically think of the cause and their implementation has been wponderful.

    So what do all the other “causes” do? Of course they do the same thing (how lazy) and soon every color will be attached to a cause and soon we won’t be able to tell them apart, rendering them useless.

    I just think, from a marketing standpoint, the copy catting to be totally lazy and unoriginal and its already tired.

    My two cents!


  2. Here’s a video link to my English 121 student’s Youtube from the Autism Awareness Day:

    This video is part of a final assignment for English 121.


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