EMU Football for 2012

Via the Twitters, I just came across the EMU football schedule for 2012– here’s a link.  It’s kind of interesting to me for two reasons.  First, it starts with MAC games as opposed to non-conference play. Second, there are only two games scheduled where I assume everyone knows already that the Emus are going to get beat (well, they’d be the underdog for sure), at Purdue on September 15 and at Michigan State on September 22.


3 thoughts on “EMU Football for 2012

  1. It is rare to start with a conference game but it happens (in fact EMU started 2006 on the road at Ball State) but Illinois State is a game they should win. Much like last season when they had two losess for sure (Michigan, Penn State) they have a similar scenario this year. No one knows if the MAC is good or not until usually week 4 or 5 so unless EMU wins that elusive “big game” we are looking at 6-6 again and that assumes they can beat Army at home.

    Of course, starting with a huge road conference win would change the dynamic of the season.

    Spring is always time for optimism, right?


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