Rarely is this site about emus…

I’m going to be at the main academic conference in my field the rest of this week, so posting here on the site might be on the slow-side for a couple of days.  But in the meantime, I’ll leave you with two stories of the birded type:

“Emu on the loose in the east,” or really, in the “east” down south in North Carolina.  Nothing too unusual; just a classic story of an emu having escaped and being mistaken by an ostrich.

Second, there’s this from a web site about neighborhood news in New York City, “$20 Emu Eggs Fly off Shelves at Farmer’s Market.”  Essentially, emu eggs are novelty items, a giant egg in a very tough dark green shell.  What’s it taste like?  Well, judging from the video, a “good egg.”