Emu Mail wackiness

I suppose this is a question I should send to the IT help desk, but I thought I’d post it here since others might be having a similar problem:

I don’t know if I have done something or if it was done to me, but it seems like my Eagle Emu Mail has completely reformatted itself in ways I cannot understand.  Without getting into it all, the settings for how it is working (btw, I’m talking about mail.emich.edu, not some kind of application and not accessing it via my.emich.edu) seem all nutty.  And what is more confusing to me is that the settings on my laptop seem to be the same as on my desktop, and I’m using Chrome as a browser in both places.

Anybody else experiencing something similar?


2 thoughts on “Emu Mail wackiness

  1. It might be a Chrome issue. EMU systems seem to be optimized for Firefox and (ugh) Exploder. I use Chrome when I check in from home, though, and I have not run into major problems. The change in the mail system that tees me off is that when I have finished with the text of a message, I can no longer simply single-tab to the Send button and hit Enter to complete the process. I am not mouse-friendly when there is an expert command, or at least a keystroke, that does things faster and better.


  2. It would appear that with the change to composing messages in HTML format, the use of the tab key changes. Now when you’re typing in the message body, the tab key inserts a tab.

    Pro tip: You can use Ctrl-Enter to send the message.
    (Go to Preferences-> Shortcuts to see a full list of shortcuts.)


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