“Why is the GOP Suddenly Turning Against College?”

A loyal EMUTalk.org reader sent me this article, “Why is the GOP Suddenly Turning Against College?” I think it first appeared in The Atlantic, though this link is from Yahoo! Finance.  I think this is kind of the “thesis paragraph:”

Paul Krugman argues that Republicans prefer tax cuts to education for political reasons: Their goal to preserve upper-class prosperity comes at the expense of heightened middle-class insecurity. While this is probably true, I think there is more to it. Today, Republicans are turning their backs on higher education because of two historical trends. One is globalization. The other is the anti-tax revolution.

And the punchline in the piece for me is “imagine if the American political system was controlled by the wealthy.”  Heh.  Imagine indeed.

Anyway, read this if you can– some interesting points.



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