The EMUTalk.org blogging complex is still open for business this week during winter break, mainly because EMU’s break is badly timed to not correspond to my son’s break, which thus makes the idea of doing something actually break-like (for example, going on a trip) impossible.  Which raises the question:  wouldn’t it be nice if EMU (and U of M for that matter) and all the local area schools could all agree on a particular week?

In any event, my “break” will involve some catching up on my day-job, a few writing projects, maybe some stuff around the house, and (probably) some maintenance/changes to this site.  So if you stop by in your time off and see some changes, don’t be alarmed.


3 thoughts on “Quasi-breaking

  1. I like how most K-12 schools do the week after Easter as Spring Break. Although I would be concerned about the classic Spring Break ‘hotspots’ like Cancun, Florida, etc. being full of BOTH high school kids and college folk at the same time..that sounds like a nightmare for parents. Maybe having different weeks is a good thing for that reason.


    • It’s quite therapeutic to have time like this. For one thing, it’s a heck of a lot easier to maintain and repair my labs when people aren’t around. It would have taken me a week during “regular” times to get done what I got done on Monday alone.


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