EMU-Flint to close?

An alert reader emailed me to let me know that EMU-Flint is set to close at the end of this semester.  I don’t know this person’s sources, so maybe someone else can confirm that.  And I frankly didn’t know there was an EMU-Flint, but it apparently operates through continuing education on the campus of Mott Community College.


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  1. curious as to what happens to the workers there? are they union? are these just another version of layoffs? an official announcement would be nice I guess


  2. From: “Julie Knutson”
    To: “EPEO-staff”
    Cc: “Jackie Tracy” , “Kim Elizabeth Schatzel” , “james J Carroll”
    Sent: Friday, February 3, 2012 12:26:31 PM
    Subject: [EPEO-staff] To our EPEO folks, a message about EMU-Flint

    Hi all,

    As some of you may have heard a decision was made to end our presence at
    Mott Community College’s University Center, at the end of winter
    semester. This saddens us greatly. Despite sustains efforts to find
    our niche at the University Center, we have just not been able to
    achieve enough successful programming presence. The hard work and
    dedication of our folks at EMU-Flint should not go unnoticed , they have
    been instrumental in representing and forging relationship for EMU to
    not only within the Mott Community, but to the Flint region as well.

    During this difficult transition, please be assured that EPEO will
    continue to work diligently toward current and future opportunities in
    order to support EMU and surrounding communities. Also, please know
    that all of your efforts have not gone unnoticed and you are greatly

    Thank you for all of your hard work and your commitment to EMU.

    EPEO-staff mailing list


  3. Are there actually staff members working there? If there was only one class being offered and nine students enrolled, and it was run under the auspices of Mott CC, I wonder if maybe the staff were also Mott employees?


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