If you have a “robust” computer, check out the Interactive Campus Map

This is one of the latest marketing/student life/etc. kind of cool gadgets:  EMU’s Interactive Campus Map, which is at livemap.emich.edu/campuslife  It’s lot of great and easy to find/search information.  But the problem is it’s in Flash, which was 99% bad even 11 years ago.

Still, if you’ve got a fast internet connection and a decent computer and you’re willing to put up with its finickiness, it’s pretty cool.  You can look up classes that will then pop up on a map, can map walking directions, find bathrooms, find offices, all kinds of stuff. And who knows?  Maybe the powers that be will repackage/rethink the interface so it is HTML 5 and mobile device friendly.


One thought on “If you have a “robust” computer, check out the Interactive Campus Map

  1. This was actually built quite a while ago and has been linked on the maps page for at least a year. It’s been around long enough that HTML5 was not as viable of an option at the time. Though maybe it is time to work it over again. As far as “the powers that be”, it would be the IGRE group on campus who built this. And it’s good to see that they finally took their favicon.ico off of the live map. Now just to get the University’s favicon on the server.


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