Fallon not off to FGCU

My in-laws live in Naples, FL, and they mentioned this article to my wife today: “The 10 semifinalist vying to be the next FGCU president,” in the Naples News. EMU ex-prez John Fallon is not in this group.


6 thoughts on “Fallon not off to FGCU

  1. Alden thinks out of the box. Bradshaw looks good, too.

    What I am concerned about is the whisper campaing to get familiar locals onto the BoR … no names will be repated here.

    Problem is … “more of the same.” That’s been the problems and the problem exists with present BoR members.

    We need better and wiser and less “politically handsome” BoR members. The Governor is getting steered in the wrong direction. We lost a good member with the recent departure. The last thing we need is “another familiar face” on campus.


  2. Fallon was not on the top ten for FGCU?! That’s shocking! I think he should go back on Larry King Live and clear his name some more.


  3. The Naples paper has some good questions which should be posed to EMU presidential candidates: Largest budget managed, largest staff managed, Vision for [EMU], Largest private gift asked for and received. Not one word about athletics.


  4. I hope someone on the committee searching for the new EMU president looks at how FGCU is doing their search:
    1) Publicly listing the applicants.
    2) Claiming they will visit the applicants home campus
    3) Publicly announcing the 10 semifinalists.
    4) TOP 10 !!!!
    5) Size of the budget managed.
    6) Number of employees managed.

    I gave my email, too bad it still doesn’t work…..


  5. Publius and Jim make great points about what our search committe should be looking for. Since I have no experience whatsoever in choosing a University president, I have no idea what goes into such a search. I had assumed that the questions posed to the FGCU candidates (largest budget, largest staff, vision, etc) were standard questions in that process. I certainly hope that’s what our committee asks this time around.


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